Help me, I’m a snap addict!

I’ve recently started using Snapchat. Yes I know, a little behind the times but I feel quite proud of my ‘snapping’, as they say.

I have had Snapchat for a while now but never really used it. Until one day at my new job, the young girls (okay, they are 26 and 23, which makes them younger than me, which makes them ‘young’) were going on and on about it. I had massive FOMO! So I got on board.

This is when my obsession began.

Since this day, I am constantly on Snapchat. Waiting for snaps from friends, sending random snaps to friends (none of the naughty kind either, in case you were wondering). And the filters!! It’s like Christmas every day when the new filters appear.


Filters, so many filters

The amount of time I spend on Snapchat is possibly at embarrassment levels. Do I not have anything better to do you ask? Of course I do. I have a lot of work to do, cleaning, cooking, real human interaction, but why would I want to do any of that, when I can make myself look like a puppy dog! 


Who wouldn’t want to send a ‘snap’ of them as a puppy!

My priorities may need adjusting.

I never thought I would be someone who actually was addicted to Snapchat, but I guess it can happen to anyone. Plus if I’m honest, after turning 30 I am really trying to still be ‘cool’ and ‘hip’, which saying those two words proves I am not. 

So to you all I say ‘hi, my name’s Jane and I’m a Snap addict’. Luckily most of my friends are to, so we all snap each other while enjoying a little wine (between snap friends).



P.S Using the term ‘snap’ does not come naturally to me. I feel like an 80 yr old saying ‘YOLO’ but hey, I’m going with it. 

Turning 30

I turned 30 yesterday.

Just let that sink in. 30, the big 3.0. I had told myself in the lead up to this birthday that I was fine, not worried, not big deal. Yet so many times I found myself sitting on the couch (often with a glass of wine), starting to panic and eventually the tears would flow. I felt I had achieved nothing in my 30 years of living and it was now too late to do anything about it.

Then, the day before my 30th birthday, my cousin died of cancer. He was 30 years old.

Suddenly, me thinking I had achieved ‘nothing’ with my life was not only irrelevant but it was the complete and utter crap (to be frank). The death of my amazing, kind, funny cousin made me realise that life isn’t about having done stuff by a certain age. It isn’t about doing what society says you should do by a certain age (think marriage, kids, and mortgage).

No, it’s about being happy and living in the moment. Okay, that’s not exactly a new revelation but it hit me and it hit me hard. I have achieved a great deal in a short amount of time and I need to start appreciating that. I have a great new job in the field I have strived to be in. My partner is my best friend, soul mate and love of my life. I have the most amazing friends and family and most importantly, I am HAPPY.

To me, being happy, genuinely happy, is such an achievement and one I am so proud of. I don’t need to be obsessed, worried, and paranoid about a number. My age, my weight, my salary – these numbers don’t define me. My happiness and gratitude define me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have gone out and made any huge changes with my life (it’s been a day) but I want to make changes and keep improving on this new found freedom.


So yes, another random blog post (way too many months after my last) but sometimes life smacks you in the face and the only way to deal is to write!

To finish, I hope happiness finds you all and you can all enjoy a little wine between friends.



Promotion? …Okay!


When I started this new job, I had a goal of being promoted within 12 months, I did it in 6! I got the news yesterday when my boss asked to see me for a minute. Of course my first instinct was to panic but I was soon very relaxed once the conversation started.

For me, this promotion was so important. I used to work in media sales until I left the city to move to the country. Before I moved I loved my job, I mean LOVED it! It was a tough decision to leave, but the right one at the time. Given there isn’t much opportunity to do media sales in the country, I was out of the media industry for 2 years. When I moved back to the city I temped for a while (was the longest time in my career ever!) then I was fortunate enough to be told about this job. I applied and got it!

Although it was an entry level role and compared to what I had been doing in my previous media role, it was a huge step down but I knew I wanted it. I had missed the industry terribly and knew it was where I was meant to be. I tried the wine industry but it just didn’t feel right and given how much I love wine, that was a huge shock to the system!


So when I took this job with lower pay and lower responsibilities, I set a goal that I would be doing more and getting paid more within the year. The thought never really crossed my mind that I would be given the opportunity within 6 months. It’s the best feeling to have your boss tell you that you are doing such a great job and they want to reward you for it. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I know this is what I want to do and yesterday was just the final stamp of approval. Again, I can say that I LOVE my job and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

I can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with a little wine between friends and family.




I had great news today. Turns out my boring, nothing planned weekend has turned into a jam packed weekend with my sister, and I couldn’t be happier! My sisters live in another state, so I don’t see them very often. So when my eldest emailed me saying she was coming over last minute, I was beyond excited!

Without getting too sappy, I really miss my sisters. We used to live together, now we live so far apart. It’s nice to call, email etc but there is nothing like sitting around enjoying a little wine between friends (my sisters are my best!) when ever we feel like it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy and proud of the lives they have created over in their city but the selfish side of me wishes they were back here. But we are lucky that we are only an hours flight away and often can get cheap flights! So bring on the weekend!




What i’ve learnt this week


How can I explain this week? I feel like I was on a roller coaster ride at work with so many ups and downs, twists and turns that sitting here on a Saturday feels like a holiday. My job can be very stressful at times (as can most jobs) and sometimes things happen that make you want to crawl into a hole and hide. This week I learnt that by not doing that, and by facing the challenges my job throws at me, I actually become better at it. I learnt that my imagination has a way of turning tiny small problems into HUGE massive problems, resulting in me spending the night stressing about it. I learnt that by thinking logically and facing these problems with with confidence, I can actually turn it around and end the week by having solved said problems.

I also learnt that even though the recession was over 3 years ago, the market still has it’s tough times. No ones jobs is safe, no matter who you work for or what your role is. I learnt that in the space of an afternoon, you can get a phone call saying you have been let go, simply because there is not enough work. This happened to a friend of mine this week and it’s heart breaking. Going from having a secure, well paid job to nothing must be such a terrifying experience. I learnt to appreciate and be thankful for the fact that although I had some challenges this week, at least I still have a job.

This week was full of high’s and lows at work, yet i’m so happy I can sit here and enjoy a little wine between friends knowing that I still have a job to go to on Monday.



6 monthly life reviews

Having had my 6 monthly work review the other day (you can read about it here), it got me thinking. Could a 6 monthly review of our personal lives be something to consider?



How often do we sit down and have an open and honest conversation about how our lives are going? Do people look at what they have achieved in the past 6 months and what they plan to achieve in the following 6 months? Is there a review form to be filled out every time that rates your skill level?

The thought of assessing my life every few months is beyond scary. What if I haven’t achieved what I set out do to? Do I have the strength to tell myself to lift my game? At work, most people have KPI’s they have to meet and if you don’t, your boss will hold you accountable. If we don’t meet our personal KPI’s, will we hold ourselves accountable? I admit that when I start a task and I don’t finish, I’m not always that accountable to myself. I can easily let it slide and push it under the rug. What if I had to face those tasks I didn’t complete and explain why I didn’t do them? Would it make me push myself more? Would I have more drive to complete what I start?

Although I find it easier to take criticism than compliments, do I really have the guts to tell myself I haven’t done a great job? I can be very hard on myself at times but it’s more when I’ve let other people down, not when I’ve let myself down. Maybe I need that 6 month review to build a better me. What if we took it that one step further and got out nearest and dearest involved every now and then. Again, the thought of having my best friend tell me where I could improve doesn’t exactly sound like a walk in the park. But what if it helped me grow as a person and I learnt something from it. On the other side, it could be an opportunity to tell me what I was doing well, reassuring me that they enjoyed a little wine between friends.

Will I start assessing my life every 6 months, who knows? Time will tell I guess. I would like to give it a go and see how I feel about it. As I’m getting older, I feel it’s time to start looking at my life and where I want it to go. Wish me luck!



What I’ve learnt this week (a day late!)


Oh dear, I’m a day late with this! Sorry, but my weekend plans changed at the last minute. Better late than never I guess.

As I posted late last week, it was a bit of a blah week. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything. Getting up and going to work was tough, never mind writing a blog post. So to help me get out of this rut I went away on the weekend, spending time with a beautiful friend who I’ve known for 24 years but we only see each other every few months. Having a drink and a dance at the pub by the ocean has really reinvigorated me. I’m feeling like myself again. So I guess last week I learnt that taking time out and sharing a little wine between friends is so important. You can’t put a price on quality time spent with the people you love. Although I am meant to be saving, I still went out and had a good time. I learnt that sometimes you need to just relax and not stress about situations you can’t control. It sounds simple doesn’t it… ‘just relax’. For me it’s a lot easier said than done. But the way I was feeling the past week was enough to make me just throw caution to the wind and forget about life’s problems for a couple of days. I also learnt that no matter the distance between you and a friend, no matter the lack of communication you may have, when you do catch up it’s like nothing has changed. Having a friendship that just falls back into place like that is so rewarding and satisfying.

I hope to post a bit more frequently this week and hopefully have a week full of great lessons.






Picture this..



It’s Saturday afternoon and your partner calls you saying they are at the bottle shop, would I like some wine? Well of course my answer is yes but then I realise my dilemma. I LOVE Riesling, not just like it, or lust it, I actually love it. It’s my favourite wine variety and is my number one choice most times. Only problem is, my partner has no idea about wine! So asking him to pick me up a bottle (or two) of a nice Riesling, is like asking a frog to hop without hitting it’s arse. Whilst he will give it a go, it’s only going to end in tears. With this knowledge in mind, I have to come to terms with the fact that he will just have to grab a couple bottles of a trusty Sav Blanc. It may not be my darling Riesling that I so cherish, but it’s better than nothing. As having a little wine between friends is not much fun with water….!  



What I’ve learnt this week!



I’m going to trial a new weekly ‘theme’ (for lack of a better word). Each weekend I want to write a post about what I’ve learnt this week. It can be as simple as learning a new shortcut key on in Excel or as big as learning a new life lesson.
The format will probably change each week, but the overall feel should be the same. I plan to use this weekly task as a way to help me appreciate my life and the little things that happen each week. It will be nice to look back at each week and have a record of the lessons I’ve learnt. So here goes week 1:

  • Cherish your family. After a work colleague lost a loved one, it got me thinking about all the important people in my life. Remember to tell the people you love how much they mean to you.
  • No matter who you are, work should never come before your real life. Just because thousands of people have paid big money to see you live on stage, doesn’t mean you should have to come to work that day. Whilst the majority of people support and agree with the decision to postpone the Rolling Stones concerts after this tragedy, I’ve unfortunately heard a few very selfish people whinge about it. Refer to the first point – family first!
  • I’m better at my job than I thought!
  • I enjoy writing, even though I have a long way to go! Not all blog posts have to be the size of an essay. When I was writing each post this week, I was so worried it wouldn’t be long enough. But guess what, its not about quantity, it’s about quality!
  • Exercise is fun! I am sure I will look back on this one day and question if I was drunk or not when I wrote it…

So there you go, turns out I learnt a few things this week. Some profound, some a little less. Either way, it’s been a pretty good week but I’m so ready for the weekend and the chance to enjoy a little wine between friends.



Workplace review… phew It’s over!

I had my 6 month review today… what a relief it’s over. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, In fact it was great. Turns out I’m doing a really good job, which is nice to hear. However the thought of having a workplace review is always daunting, no matter how you think you are doing. I always get nervous before a review as I don’t like the unknown.

I’ve always been like this when it comes to reviews. No matter how good a job I’ve done, I always worry for a week before my review. What if my boss has kept a list of all my mistakes and plans to hit me with them all at once? What if they rate my work completely differently to me? It’s slightly awkward when you rate your ‘attention to detail’ as ‘high standard’ and your boss has rated it as ‘needs work’…. On that note, I find it so uncomfortable to have to ‘rate’ myself. I can talk for hours about all my faults and where I need improvement, but ask me to tell you what I do well and I go blank. “I’m always on time” is hardly an achievement.

I understand why work place reviews are necessary and they have many benefits. If you are not performing in your job, you need to be told why and how. Not in a negative, ‘let’s make you feel the size of an ant’ kind of way. It has to be positive and helpful otherwise how do you learn? Lucky for me my bosses have always been helpful and given me great guidance when it came to areas of improvement. I’ve always had a boss that would prefer to mention any ‘problems’ as they occur, rather than waiting for our review. Other people are not this lucky. I had a friend who had a boss that was quite possibly the devil. Each review, her boss would sit her in a room for an hour whilst she bombarded her with every single little mistake she had made in the last 6 months. Even down to the tiniest little errors. My friend would be blind sighted as there was never any mention of these issues during the past few months. This woman could have written the book on how NOT to do a review!

Lucky for me, my review today was more of a casual catch up over coffee. So instantly I felt relaxed and at ease (great start!). The rest was just chatting about how everything was going, how I was feeling and if I had any problems. Overall it was a great catch up and I now know that I am doing a great job and everyone seems happy. Nothing like a bit of reassurance to start your Friday. So now the day is over and I can relax with a little wine between friends! Happy weekend everybody.