Friday, I’m in love


Ahh Friday! That tremendous day when you wake up knowing there are only 8 dreary hours standing between you and the freedom from the daily task called ‘work’. Fridays would have to be my favourite day of the week. Yes, I am at work but the vibe is what I love about it. From the moment I step out my door I can feel it.  Standing at the train station waiting patiently as I do every morning, things feel distinctively different. There are a few less people, and the ones who are there are not in their normal suit and ties but rather non constrictive jeans and a tee. The walk to work is also a lot more relaxed. People aren’t rushing, pushing past each other. They are casually making their way to their place of work with almost a smile.

The office has a great atmosphere on a Friday. People seem dare I say it, happy. Almost every sentence starts with ‘thank god it’s Friday’ and just about every email has the classic ‘TGIF’. It’s a love of Friday that brings everyone together. Talks of plans for the weekend happen in the kitchen, the debate of when to have our first drink for the day is ripe (ok, that might be just my work place!) and the countdown to 5pm is on! People seem to almost switch off after 2pm. There is a lot more chit chat and banter and people really are in weekend mode! It’s a great feeling.

Then finally, the moment we have all been waiting for arrives. It’s knock off time and we couldn’t be happier. Computers are shut down, after work drinks are poured and the weekend has officially begun. The feeling on the train on a Friday night is unlike any other day of the week. People are chatting away, laughing and making plans for their night. It’s great to just watch how relaxed everyone is after a hard week of work. They are free, free at last.

So wherever you are on this Friday, I hope you are having a good one! Not long now and it will be time to enjoy a little wine between friends.

Cheers (to the weekend),