Tired woman are sleeping

I have a confession to make, I’m a little hung over today. Not to the point that I can’t function, but I’m a little hazy and craving chips and gravy! I don’t make a habit of being hung over at work, but yesterday we were taken  out on a loooong lunch which included a little lot wine between friends (well more work colleagues but hey, they are friends!). Then last night I went to watch my partner play darts (this requires a whole other post to explain this) and proceeded to have a few more glasses of wine. I was by no means ‘can’t handle myself drunk’ but I was pretty happy. So whilst I was on the train into work, feeling a little less ordinary, I was sitting near a group of school kids who were laughing and having a great time. It got me thinking, they have never experienced a hang over (at least I hope they haven’t, they could have not been more than 12 years old!!). I felt almost envious of them that they have never experienced that pain in their heads or that sickening feeling from drinking too much. Oh to be young and innocent again!



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