6 monthly life reviews

Having had my 6 monthly work review the other day (you can read about it here), it got me thinking. Could a 6 monthly review of our personal lives be something to consider?



How often do we sit down and have an open and honest conversation about how our lives are going? Do people look at what they have achieved in the past 6 months and what they plan to achieve in the following 6 months? Is there a review form to be filled out every time that rates your skill level?

The thought of assessing my life every few months is beyond scary. What if I haven’t achieved what I set out do to? Do I have the strength to tell myself to lift my game? At work, most people have KPI’s they have to meet and if you don’t, your boss will hold you accountable. If we don’t meet our personal KPI’s, will we hold ourselves accountable? I admit that when I start a task and I don’t finish, I’m not always that accountable to myself. I can easily let it slide and push it under the rug. What if I had to face those tasks I didn’t complete and explain why I didn’t do them? Would it make me push myself more? Would I have more drive to complete what I start?

Although I find it easier to take criticism than compliments, do I really have the guts to tell myself I haven’t done a great job? I can be very hard on myself at times but it’s more when I’ve let other people down, not when I’ve let myself down. Maybe I need that 6 month review to build a better me. What if we took it that one step further and got out nearest and dearest involved every now and then. Again, the thought of having my best friend tell me where I could improve doesn’t exactly sound like a walk in the park. But what if it helped me grow as a person and I learnt something from it. On the other side, it could be an opportunity to tell me what I was doing well, reassuring me that they enjoyed a little wine between friends.

Will I start assessing my life every 6 months, who knows? Time will tell I guess. I would like to give it a go and see how I feel about it. As I’m getting older, I feel it’s time to start looking at my life and where I want it to go. Wish me luck!