What I’ve learnt this week (a day late!)


Oh dear, I’m a day late with this! Sorry, but my weekend plans changed at the last minute. Better late than never I guess.

As I posted late last week, it was a bit of a blah week. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything. Getting up and going to work was tough, never mind writing a blog post. So to help me get out of this rut I went away on the weekend, spending time with a beautiful friend who I’ve known for 24 years but we only see each other every few months. Having a drink and a dance at the pub by the ocean has really reinvigorated me. I’m feeling like myself again. So I guess last week I learnt that taking time out and sharing a little wine between friends is so important. You can’t put a price on quality time spent with the people you love. Although I am meant to be saving, I still went out and had a good time. I learnt that sometimes you need to just relax and not stress about situations you can’t control. It sounds simple doesn’t it… ‘just relax’. For me it’s a lot easier said than done. But the way I was feeling the past week was enough to make me just throw caution to the wind and forget about life’s problems for a couple of days. I also learnt that no matter the distance between you and a friend, no matter the lack of communication you may have, when you do catch up it’s like nothing has changed. Having a friendship that just falls back into place like that is so rewarding and satisfying.

I hope to post a bit more frequently this week and hopefully have a week full of great lessons.






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