A blog about nothing?!


Let’s be honest, that is what my blog is about – nothing. I don’t have a specific theme, I don’t blog about one subject, I just write what I feel like. Mine is not the only blog that is about ‘nothing’. There are many blogs out there that are just people putting their thoughts onto paper. Yet these kinds of blogs are so popular. Why do we enjoy reading blogs about ‘nothing’?

It’s human nature to want to read about other people’s lives. People are nosey and like to know what is happening to you, even if you are complete stranger. Look at the celebrity phenomenon. Paparazzi make thousands of dollars on photos of celebrities because we not so famous people are willing to buy that magazine with the photo of Kim Kardashian eating a donut.

Have you ever been out walking at night and as you walk past a house with the blinds open, you have a sneaky look. No I don’t mean in a creepy, pervey kind of way. I mean you just happen to glance your eyes in the direction of their window, just to see what they are watching on TV or what your neighbours lounge room looks like. Again, it’s human nature to want to know.

I once had a year 10 English assignment where we had to speak for 15 minutes about any topic. It seemed like a relative easy assignment but I wanted to make sure I had people’s attention for the whole time. So I spoke about my life and my family. It worked! My teacher was impressed and it was him that made me realise this human behaviour. He said at the end ‘You hit the nail on the head Jane. The reason everyone was engaged for the whole 15 minutes was because you let them into your life. You took them into your private world and were open and honest, that is what keeps people interested”.  

So writing a blog about ‘nothing’ is actually a blog about ‘something’. It’s about my life, my thoughts, my private world. I want you to be a part of it and hopefully enjoy hearing all about my journey in this ride called life. Let’s all enjoy a little wine between friends and celebrate all those blogs out there that are about ‘nothing’. Hell, if a show about ‘nothing’ can become a cross-generation classic; I think we will all be fine!