Picture this..



It’s Saturday afternoon and your partner calls you saying they are at the bottle shop, would I like some wine? Well of course my answer is yes but then I realise my dilemma. I LOVE Riesling, not just like it, or lust it, I actually love it. It’s my favourite wine variety and is my number one choice most times. Only problem is, my partner has no idea about wine! So asking him to pick me up a bottle (or two) of a nice Riesling, is like asking a frog to hop without hitting it’s arse. Whilst he will give it a go, it’s only going to end in tears. With this knowledge in mind, I have to come to terms with the fact that he will just have to grab a couple bottles of a trusty Sav Blanc. It may not be my darling Riesling that I so cherish, but it’s better than nothing. As having a little wine between friends is not much fun with water….!