Savings (or lack of)



So here is the first bit of ‘personal’ information I’m going to share with you. I am not good at saving. Never have been and probably never will be. I like to shop, there I said it. Whilst I don’t live outside my means, I certainly don’t have a huge pile of cash stashed under my mattress. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a thrifty shopper. I love a good bargain and will never spend more on an item than I think it’s worth. But those small $10-$20 purchases add up. So while I may have an amazing array of accessories and a wardrobe I’m very proud of, my savings account is looking very sad and lonely.

This has come to light due to the fact I am heading overseas in exactly 88 days. I’ve never really had a goal like this, so I’ve never really made the effort to save. Yes I want to buy a house but deep down I know it’s not realistic at the moment so I don’t commit to saving. Now I have to knuckle down and do it, I’m even less of a fan.

There are many reasons I don’t love this ‘saving’ lifestyle. I am not very good at doing nothing. I do enjoy sitting on the couch after work watching bad TV with a glass of wine. However I do not enjoy doing this for my whole weekend. I need to be doing something, anything. Once the house is cleaned, shopping done and all my washing is up to date, I am at a loss as to what to do. Normally we would head out for dinner or drinks or maybe go out for a nice lunch. This is all on the ‘no list’ which leaves me wondering… what do I do with all this time?! There are only so many times you can search the internet for something entertaining and we are running out of DVD’s to watch.

I know there are many activities I could engage in that will cost me little to no money, I just need to get in the mind set. Plus the thought of all the shopping and eating out I will be able to do while on my holiday is the best incentive. I feel I will rely on my friends a lot over the next few months to help keep me busy, so friends are warned!

I have to admit though, having all this spare time on my hands has allowed me to do a lot of stuff that has always been on my ‘to do’ list, but I always felt I was too busy. This blog is one of those. I’m also reading a lot more and even more impressive, I’ve started to exercise (my relationship with exercise needs a whole other post).

So whilst I may not being enjoying a little wine between friends as regularly, I certainly will see the benefits in 88 days’ time! Hopefully I will be able to write a post in a few weeks with some amazing tips of how to save, but right now, I’ve got nothing other than avoid temptation, don’t leave the house! Please, any tips would be very helpful…

Cheers and wish me luck,