What I’ve learnt this week (a day late!)


Oh dear, I’m a day late with this! Sorry, but my weekend plans changed at the last minute. Better late than never I guess.

As I posted late last week, it was a bit of a blah week. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything. Getting up and going to work was tough, never mind writing a blog post. So to help me get out of this rut I went away on the weekend, spending time with a beautiful friend who I’ve known for 24 years but we only see each other every few months. Having a drink and a dance at the pub by the ocean has really reinvigorated me. I’m feeling like myself again. So I guess last week I learnt that taking time out and sharing a little wine between friends is so important. You can’t put a price on quality time spent with the people you love. Although I am meant to be saving, I still went out and had a good time. I learnt that sometimes you need to just relax and not stress about situations you can’t control. It sounds simple doesn’t it… ‘just relax’. For me it’s a lot easier said than done. But the way I was feeling the past week was enough to make me just throw caution to the wind and forget about life’s problems for a couple of days. I also learnt that no matter the distance between you and a friend, no matter the lack of communication you may have, when you do catch up it’s like nothing has changed. Having a friendship that just falls back into place like that is so rewarding and satisfying.

I hope to post a bit more frequently this week and hopefully have a week full of great lessons.






Missing – my motivation


I can’t quite put my finger on it but this week I’ve been feeling very blah. I just can’t get interested I’m anything. I’ve started about 3 different posts but can’t seem to finish them. I’ve got no inspiration this week and it’s driving me nuts! It might be the weather, it could be work (dealing with end of month! Argh) or maybe I’m coming down with something. What ever the reason,  I sure hope I snap out of it soon!

Buy good news,  it’s Friday! I hope you all get the chance to enjoy a little wine between friends this weekend!



A blog about nothing?!


Let’s be honest, that is what my blog is about – nothing. I don’t have a specific theme, I don’t blog about one subject, I just write what I feel like. Mine is not the only blog that is about ‘nothing’. There are many blogs out there that are just people putting their thoughts onto paper. Yet these kinds of blogs are so popular. Why do we enjoy reading blogs about ‘nothing’?

It’s human nature to want to read about other people’s lives. People are nosey and like to know what is happening to you, even if you are complete stranger. Look at the celebrity phenomenon. Paparazzi make thousands of dollars on photos of celebrities because we not so famous people are willing to buy that magazine with the photo of Kim Kardashian eating a donut.

Have you ever been out walking at night and as you walk past a house with the blinds open, you have a sneaky look. No I don’t mean in a creepy, pervey kind of way. I mean you just happen to glance your eyes in the direction of their window, just to see what they are watching on TV or what your neighbours lounge room looks like. Again, it’s human nature to want to know.

I once had a year 10 English assignment where we had to speak for 15 minutes about any topic. It seemed like a relative easy assignment but I wanted to make sure I had people’s attention for the whole time. So I spoke about my life and my family. It worked! My teacher was impressed and it was him that made me realise this human behaviour. He said at the end ‘You hit the nail on the head Jane. The reason everyone was engaged for the whole 15 minutes was because you let them into your life. You took them into your private world and were open and honest, that is what keeps people interested”.  

So writing a blog about ‘nothing’ is actually a blog about ‘something’. It’s about my life, my thoughts, my private world. I want you to be a part of it and hopefully enjoy hearing all about my journey in this ride called life. Let’s all enjoy a little wine between friends and celebrate all those blogs out there that are about ‘nothing’. Hell, if a show about ‘nothing’ can become a cross-generation classic; I think we will all be fine!



Picture this..



It’s Saturday afternoon and your partner calls you saying they are at the bottle shop, would I like some wine? Well of course my answer is yes but then I realise my dilemma. I LOVE Riesling, not just like it, or lust it, I actually love it. It’s my favourite wine variety and is my number one choice most times. Only problem is, my partner has no idea about wine! So asking him to pick me up a bottle (or two) of a nice Riesling, is like asking a frog to hop without hitting it’s arse. Whilst he will give it a go, it’s only going to end in tears. With this knowledge in mind, I have to come to terms with the fact that he will just have to grab a couple bottles of a trusty Sav Blanc. It may not be my darling Riesling that I so cherish, but it’s better than nothing. As having a little wine between friends is not much fun with water….!  



What I’ve learnt this week!



I’m going to trial a new weekly ‘theme’ (for lack of a better word). Each weekend I want to write a post about what I’ve learnt this week. It can be as simple as learning a new shortcut key on in Excel or as big as learning a new life lesson.
The format will probably change each week, but the overall feel should be the same. I plan to use this weekly task as a way to help me appreciate my life and the little things that happen each week. It will be nice to look back at each week and have a record of the lessons I’ve learnt. So here goes week 1:

  • Cherish your family. After a work colleague lost a loved one, it got me thinking about all the important people in my life. Remember to tell the people you love how much they mean to you.
  • No matter who you are, work should never come before your real life. Just because thousands of people have paid big money to see you live on stage, doesn’t mean you should have to come to work that day. Whilst the majority of people support and agree with the decision to postpone the Rolling Stones concerts after this tragedy, I’ve unfortunately heard a few very selfish people whinge about it. Refer to the first point – family first!
  • I’m better at my job than I thought!
  • I enjoy writing, even though I have a long way to go! Not all blog posts have to be the size of an essay. When I was writing each post this week, I was so worried it wouldn’t be long enough. But guess what, its not about quantity, it’s about quality!
  • Exercise is fun! I am sure I will look back on this one day and question if I was drunk or not when I wrote it…

So there you go, turns out I learnt a few things this week. Some profound, some a little less. Either way, it’s been a pretty good week but I’m so ready for the weekend and the chance to enjoy a little wine between friends.



Workplace review… phew It’s over!

I had my 6 month review today… what a relief it’s over. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad, In fact it was great. Turns out I’m doing a really good job, which is nice to hear. However the thought of having a workplace review is always daunting, no matter how you think you are doing. I always get nervous before a review as I don’t like the unknown.

I’ve always been like this when it comes to reviews. No matter how good a job I’ve done, I always worry for a week before my review. What if my boss has kept a list of all my mistakes and plans to hit me with them all at once? What if they rate my work completely differently to me? It’s slightly awkward when you rate your ‘attention to detail’ as ‘high standard’ and your boss has rated it as ‘needs work’…. On that note, I find it so uncomfortable to have to ‘rate’ myself. I can talk for hours about all my faults and where I need improvement, but ask me to tell you what I do well and I go blank. “I’m always on time” is hardly an achievement.

I understand why work place reviews are necessary and they have many benefits. If you are not performing in your job, you need to be told why and how. Not in a negative, ‘let’s make you feel the size of an ant’ kind of way. It has to be positive and helpful otherwise how do you learn? Lucky for me my bosses have always been helpful and given me great guidance when it came to areas of improvement. I’ve always had a boss that would prefer to mention any ‘problems’ as they occur, rather than waiting for our review. Other people are not this lucky. I had a friend who had a boss that was quite possibly the devil. Each review, her boss would sit her in a room for an hour whilst she bombarded her with every single little mistake she had made in the last 6 months. Even down to the tiniest little errors. My friend would be blind sighted as there was never any mention of these issues during the past few months. This woman could have written the book on how NOT to do a review!

Lucky for me, my review today was more of a casual catch up over coffee. So instantly I felt relaxed and at ease (great start!). The rest was just chatting about how everything was going, how I was feeling and if I had any problems. Overall it was a great catch up and I now know that I am doing a great job and everyone seems happy. Nothing like a bit of reassurance to start your Friday. So now the day is over and I can relax with a little wine between friends! Happy weekend everybody.


International Happiness day


To be honest, I didn’t know this day existed. What a concept…International Happiness day! Whilst we should try and be happy every day, having an ‘international’ day that recognises the importance of being happy is brilliant.

Being happy is sometimes easier said than done. Life throws us challenges and makes us work hard, but having the courage and strength to work through those tough times and still be happy is such a triumph.

I hope you all get a chance to sit back and appreciate the little things in your life today and truly be happy! Enjoy a little wine between friends, or go to the beach, just do something that makes you happy!



Renovating my body

So apparently our bodies are temples. Well right now, mine is more like a 1970’s out of date fixer upper! Just like a house renovation, it’s going to take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get this ‘temple’ into the shape it should be. To give you a bit of back ground, my relationship with exercise is a typical on again-off again roller-coaster ride. If we were a couple, we would be the dysfunctional relationship that breaks up every 2 months, only to end up back together a few weeks later. Our friends would be so immune to it, they wouldn’t even notice when we had broken up. I can’t say I enjoy exercise but I don’t exactly hate it. Unfortunately though, I have one of those bodies that can’t just eat well and be fit and healthy. I need to exercise to see results. The way I see it, exercise is like having another job. To get the body I want, I have to work at it.

i love exercise but not as much

I can get bored easily, so I need to mix up my workouts. I also can’t justify spending money on a gym membership when I have a huge array of walking tracks and parks that I can use for free. Plus I am a fan of a good ol’ workout DVD (Jane Fonda eat ya heart out). I would have purchased almost 10 different exercise DVD’s in the last few years. Some I will admit have never been played. Others I have used on rotation for about 3 weeks until I get bored and lose interest.

To add insult to injury, I’m not a morning person so I don’t exercise until I get home from work. Herein lies the problem. Most nights I am not home until after 6:30 and whilst my partner is amazing, I can’t always expect him to cook dinner every night. So I either do my hour’s exercise as soon as I get home, which means I start cooking at 7:30ish so we are eating after 8. Or I cook and eat first then try and exercise on a full stomach. Either way I feel like I am losing. Plus after a long day at work, all I want to do is sit down on the couch with a nice glass of wine and relax.

So by now you have probably realised I have very little motivation for exercising. I am really committed for 2 or so weeks, then something will happen and I just fall of the wagon. So my goal is to not fall and stay motivated. This motivation doesn’t come from wanting to be ‘skinny’, it is all about being healthy. I am very realistic about my body shape and how I have real hips that aren’t going anywhere. For me it’s more about being able to walk up the stairs at work and not feel short of breath. Of course I want to look good in my clothes but it’s not about a number for me. I don’t want to get down to a certain weight, I just want to feel and look better.

today i will exercise

Losing these few kgs (okay 10) that I so desperately want to get rid of requires me to be motivated. I’m off on a holiday in under 3 months, this is now my motivation to get started. I have a wedding whilst I’m away and I want to make sure I look fit and healthy and let’s face it, a little bit sexy! I also want to be able to walk around exploring new places all day without feeling tired and buggered. So today folks I got up at 6am and exercised! Yes I did it and it felt so good. Admittedly it was a pretty tame workout but I feel it’s a start. I will lose this weight, I will become healthier and I will become a better me…… let’s just hope I keep up that positive attitude for longer than 2 weeks. I will endeavour to keep you updated about how I’m going, including confessing when I do feel like I ‘slip’. I figure if I admit when I fall, I will have the strength to pick myself up again. But never fear, I will still allow myself to enjoy a little wine between friends, for what is life without a little vino!



Instructions… not that hard to follow!


There are many things that bug me. Tardiness, poor table manners, spiders. The list goes on and on, but one thing that drives me completely nuts is when people don’t follow instructions! I don’t mean the 126 page booklet that tells you how to assemble your flat pack Ikea cupboard (in Swedish). I mean the simple instructions when filling out a form or paperwork. More often than not, the purpose of filling out a form is of high importance, therefore you would think that people would take the time to read the instructions to make sure they got it right. Well apparently not. It might just be in my field of work that I see this annoying error happen more often than most, but whatever the reason, it really grinds my gears.


Now I’m not saying I’m perfect and never make a mistake when filling out a form. I have been known to put my signature where I should print my name and vice versa. This is an easy mistake to make, given each form differs in the format. But how hard is it to fill out a form in black pen when the instructions clearly state that it must be in black pen.  ‘Please fill out in block letters’ doesn’t seem that hard to understand. Do people do this deliberately because they want to lash out at the world, show people they are rebels and can’t be told what to do? Or are people just plain lazy? It takes an extra 10 seconds to read the instructions. 10 seconds that can save a lot of time down the track when the paperwork needs to be filled out again because you got it wrong.

If you haven’t realised by now, I clearly had this happen to me today, therefore I just had to rant about it. I don’t mean to be over the top with this as normally I would just let it slide (well, sometimes) but on this occasion it was on an official document that is getting sent overseas. There is no time for it to be wrong yet somehow someone still manages to ignore the bold instructions at the top of the page.  Now we are 3 days behind schedule simply because of avoidable human error. **Sigh** now that is off my chest, I’m heading out for lunch to enjoy a little wine between friends.

Cheers and thanks for listening.


Savings (or lack of)



So here is the first bit of ‘personal’ information I’m going to share with you. I am not good at saving. Never have been and probably never will be. I like to shop, there I said it. Whilst I don’t live outside my means, I certainly don’t have a huge pile of cash stashed under my mattress. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a thrifty shopper. I love a good bargain and will never spend more on an item than I think it’s worth. But those small $10-$20 purchases add up. So while I may have an amazing array of accessories and a wardrobe I’m very proud of, my savings account is looking very sad and lonely.

This has come to light due to the fact I am heading overseas in exactly 88 days. I’ve never really had a goal like this, so I’ve never really made the effort to save. Yes I want to buy a house but deep down I know it’s not realistic at the moment so I don’t commit to saving. Now I have to knuckle down and do it, I’m even less of a fan.

There are many reasons I don’t love this ‘saving’ lifestyle. I am not very good at doing nothing. I do enjoy sitting on the couch after work watching bad TV with a glass of wine. However I do not enjoy doing this for my whole weekend. I need to be doing something, anything. Once the house is cleaned, shopping done and all my washing is up to date, I am at a loss as to what to do. Normally we would head out for dinner or drinks or maybe go out for a nice lunch. This is all on the ‘no list’ which leaves me wondering… what do I do with all this time?! There are only so many times you can search the internet for something entertaining and we are running out of DVD’s to watch.

I know there are many activities I could engage in that will cost me little to no money, I just need to get in the mind set. Plus the thought of all the shopping and eating out I will be able to do while on my holiday is the best incentive. I feel I will rely on my friends a lot over the next few months to help keep me busy, so friends are warned!

I have to admit though, having all this spare time on my hands has allowed me to do a lot of stuff that has always been on my ‘to do’ list, but I always felt I was too busy. This blog is one of those. I’m also reading a lot more and even more impressive, I’ve started to exercise (my relationship with exercise needs a whole other post).

So whilst I may not being enjoying a little wine between friends as regularly, I certainly will see the benefits in 88 days’ time! Hopefully I will be able to write a post in a few weeks with some amazing tips of how to save, but right now, I’ve got nothing other than avoid temptation, don’t leave the house! Please, any tips would be very helpful…

Cheers and wish me luck,